We began nearly a decade ago as a energy rating company for single-family homes. Since then, we’ve become one of the largest raters in the Midwest and completed nearly 10,000 RESNET-certified HERS ratings, including over 4000 Energy Star homes. We also do code compliance (IECC) and help customers with rebate testing and paperwork.

In 2015, we partnered with Bonded Builders Warranty Group to begin offering their two-year Residential Energy Guarantee program.

With increased focus on energy efficient building practices in recent years, many states have implemented energy efficiency requirements into their low-income housing funding programs (LIHTC, CDBG, HUD). We’ve helped hundreds of government-funded multifamily projects successfully achieve their energy efficiency goals.

We’ve also recently worked with multiple state programs, helping to design and implement new versions in a fast-changing industry.

For existing homes and commercial buildings, we can help diagnose and determine the best way forward for issues such as cold rooms, unusually high energy bills, poor air quality, moisture problems and drafting.

We’ll figure out what needs fixed and the most cost-effective way of achieving it.

We can help just about anywhere within the wide range of possibilities in the commercial world of energy efficiency. We do commercial code compliance (COMcheck), ASHRAE modeling and EPAct deduction.

We can help navigate through the sometimes-complicated incentive programs available.

We also have a dedicated team of HVAC consultants that can assist with efficient design and implementation of HVAC systems.
Our team of managers and field raters has over 50 combined years of experience in energy consulting and related fields, including insulation, HVAC design, HVAC installation and construction. We have certified over 200 multi-family government-funded projects across the country in programs like LIHTC, CDBG, Enterprise Green Communities, Iowa Green Streets, HUD and RAD (Rental Assistance Demonstration). We hold certifications to inspect and verify projects needing ENERGY STAR New Homes certifications, HERS Ratings, LEED for Homes certification, NGBS Green (ICC 700) certification, National Comfort Institute inspections and Building Performance institute inspections.
We are relentless in our dedication to fulfill our clients’ need for the most practical, cost-effective and high performance energy design and implementation solutions.